User Experience Design for Startup Healthcare Company

Startup healthcare company identified issues with the deployment of online wellness courses & needed assistance with automating processes, project management, and improving user experience.


A startup healthcare company set out to create online wellness courses for their customers as a way to add value. However, the company ran into issues with the integration of new technology tools, project management, and implementation of new processes. They had short “startup” deadlines and experienced lackluster results from other design vendors. As a result, we were tasked with identifying & deploying the proper technology solutions to assist in automating processes and improving the user experience from course registration to course completion.

What we did:

1. Strategic Review of Current Processes & Landing Pages

2. Created a Visual Framework for Project Management

3. Automation of Processes Through Software Integration

4. Course Landing Page Redesign & Optimization

5. Establish a System for Ongoing Measurement of Course Performance

The Outcome

As a result of establishing a solid process plan & well-documented guidelines for course deployment and integrating key technology solutions, the company was able to launch on-time and within budget, resulting in 67 courses being deployed & 800+ participants completing courses within the first 6 months of deployment. Additionally, we were able to simplify processes through automation, enhance user experience, and establish brand consistency across multiple channels (website, mobile).

How We Did It

— Research automated technology solutions

— Using Webflow, we designed a course landing page with targeted messaging to aid in increasing conversions (sign-ups for courses)

— Integrated technology tools into company website & course registration landing page

— Established key metrics to use for ongoing measurement of performance (NPS, retention & conversion rates, etc.)

— Created course completion satisfaction surveys using Typeform

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