Customer Experience Program Design

Travel retail company needed help with improving customer satisfaction, creating a CX strategy, and re-establishing themselves as a provider of "first-class" service.


A travel retailer was seeing a decline in customer satisfaction over the years. As a result, the company lost their position as an "industry leader" in providing first-class service. It was determined that a strategic CX program was needed to improve experience with travelers and standing in the industry. We were tasked with designing a customer service blueprint and developing best practices throughout the company to boost in-store experience.

What we did:

1. Market Research (Trend Reports, Mystery Shopping & Post-Purchase Surveys)

2. Behavorial Analysis Through Customer Journey Mapping

3. Strategic Plan of Action

4. Experience Design Sprints to Explore New Opportunities for Differentiation

5. Coordination of CX Training with Company Leadership

The Outcome

The implementation of our strategic plan of action to improve customer experience levels led to an 8% increase in satisfaction within a 9-month time span. As a result, the company won the Best Customer Service award at the 2019 Airport Experience News (AXN) Travel Retail Awards.

How We Did It

— Using Qualtrics Survey Platform, we designed CX Dashboards for real-time reporting

— Implemented mystery shopping as a way to capture the shopper's experience

— Analysis of trends & customer feedback was used to create a CX Strategy

— Identified market trends & brand-specific growth areas that fueled innovation & predicted customer needs

— Created standard operating procedures (SOPs) and CX training program for customer-facing employees

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