Customer Experience Study for Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food company wanted to streamline operations to ensure customers received a consistent experience across locations.


The fast-food restaurant identified service gaps between their free-standing and university locations. As a result, the company begun looking at ways to improve their service model to ensure a consistent experience across channels of distribution. We were tasked with identifying the key drivers of satisfaction and the level of impact the current service operating model had on the business. Over 400 customer intercepts were conducted across 3 universities.

What we did

1. Research & Strategic Discovery

2. Pre-Assessment of Current Experiences

3. Deployment of Updates to Operating Model

4. Post-Assessment of Experience (after implementation of updates)

5. Report Out of Recommendations for Continuous Experience Improvement

Current satisfaction levels and behaviors with Fast Food Restaurant
Pre-measurement of service performance and areas of improvement

The Outcome

To drive satisfaction and value, the company expanded their menu offering at the on-campus locations and developed an on-campus training program for employees to guarantee consistency in their food preparation across locations as well as ensure customers received the service they expected from the company.

How We Did It

— Using Qualtrics Survey Platform, we created, programmed and deployed surveys for customers to complete upon leaving the location

— Data was analyzed using SPSS Statistical Software

— Insights were captured and presented via MS PowerPoint

— Recommendations for operational service improvements were presented to the company

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