Concept Test for Sweet Treats Company

Sweet Treats company was looking to improve sales of private label products through the innovation of new product & service ideas for in-store bakeries.


The sweet treats company identified a potential opportunity to improve the sales of private label products through the introduction of 4 new products (Multi-Sensory Icings, 3-Dimensional Cakes, Dessert Kits, & Dessert Appetizers) and 2 new services (Baked on Demand & Dessert Vending Machine) for in-store bakery partners. To determine the viability of the products & service options with consumers, we conducted a concept test to determine level of appeal, purchase intent, share of purchase and uniqueness. Over 3,000 responses (500 responses per concept tested) were collected via an online survey.

What we did

1. Strategic Discovery & Methodology Selection

2. Survey Creation & Programming

3. Data Collection & Analysis

4. Report on Insights & Recommendations

5. Consultation on Next Steps for Execution

Current behaviors of consumers related to past dessert purchases & experiences

Behaviors and characteristics of those most likely to purchase each product idea.

The Outcome

Since consumers were the most receptive to purchasing 3-Dimensional Cakes & Dessert Appetizers, our recommendation to the client was to focus development and marketing efforts on these two products.

How We Did It

— Using Qualtrics Survey Platform, we created, programmed and deployed surveys to an online consumer panel

— Data was analyzed using SPSS Statistical Software

— Insights were captured and presented via MS PowerPoint

— Recommendation on which products and services to launch

— Consultation on go-to market strategy

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